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Whether you are a realtor in the process of selling your client’s home or commercial property or are hunting properties for prospective buyers, it’s crucial to make sure that the real estate is clear of any problems. If there are serious lingering issues, like wood-destroying pests, you need to know about them so you can make an educated decision on the next steps to take to ensure you end up with a successful transaction. 

Castle Pest Management is a reliable partner in providing comprehensive wood-destroying organism (WDO) inspection reports that will inform you that a property is termite-free or has an infestation that requires treatment and/or repairs. Our experienced and fully licensed termite inspectors have a long history of inspecting a wide range of properties for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the V.A., and more. For thorough, careful inspections done in a timely manner, you can trust us to meet your needs every time.

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What Is the Significance of a WDO Report?

WDO is short for “wood destroying organisms” and mainly refers to termites but can also include wood-boring beetles, carpenter ants, and fungus like dry or wet rot. The presence of these organisms can negatively impact the structural integrity of wood and, if discovered in a piece of real estate, can deter the chances of a successful sale.

While your average home or building inspection can detail damages and concerns with structural integrity, it does not contain the level of evaluation that a WDO inspection report delivers which can only be conducted by licensed and trained pest control experts. A WDO inspection report can either be positive—declaring a property to be free from wood destroying organisms—or negative—indicating the presence of wood destroying pests with notes of the damages caused by them.

For sellers

A negative WDO report will provide the extent of the damages and declare what needs repair and an estimated repair price. It will also contain recommendations for eliminating the WDOs and an estimate for the necessary treatment applications. This will help you to gauge how much you will have to pay to place the property back in good standing and improve your chances of selling. 

A positive WDO report can be used as a selling point for the property by adding value and may help boost the asking price. 

For buyers

Performing a WDO inspection prior to purchasing a property can save you from large, unexpected expenses if there is confirmation of wood-destroying pests or the damage they caused. You could avoid the purchase of the real estate entirely or negotiate with the seller to pay to perform pest treatment to eliminate the infestation and address the damages prior to sale. A positive WDO report can put you in a great position as a buyer since you will not need costly repairs or pest control services.

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Trust Us to Inspect Your Property Right

Whether you’re a realtor for a buyer or a seller, you can have peace of mind knowing that our WDO inspection reports will be accurate, informative, and meticulous, leaving no stone unturned. Even for properties that pass inspection, we will outline areas to address that may be vulnerable to infestation such as wood piles, damp basements, or foundations. We can also provide recommendations to prevent and eliminate the possibility of future infestations. 

The inspections we offer are free and we will provide you with the official WDO inspection report for a nominal fee. Call our office to get an exact quote.

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